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It’s not just what you make, it’s what you keep. As a holistic financial firm, tax implications and mitigation strategies are a critical consideration for all of our investment advice. We offer tax planning for individuals and business owners. From business entity structure to 401(k) rollovers and Roth conversions to charitable gifting strategies and tax-efficient portfolio offerings, our advisors are educated on the latest tax laws to help your bottom line.

The current United States tax code is over 74,000 pages. Complexity is greater today than it has ever been, and the IRS isn’t very forgiving if you make mistakes.

Within those 74,000 pages, there are hundreds of ways to reduce or eliminate your current and future tax burden. Most people only think of tax planning when it is time to write a check to the IRS, but at SMG, we believe tax planning is a year round process. From ensuring a plan is in place to fund estimated tax liabilities, to monitoring investment transactions so they don’t cause the wrong type of tax, to managing proper investment types to maximize after tax returns, proper tax planning can add substantial wealth to you and your family over time.

“Not all money is taxed the same”

That was the driving force when SMG created The Tax Management Path. The Tax Management Path is a systematic process engineered to not only reduce your taxation today but into the future! We do so through ongoing engagement of these seven critical strategies of tax management and mitigation – not just today, but forever into the future.

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