You Deserve it

Historically, ultra-wealthy families have had access to and relied upon a trusted advisor to provide holistic planning and coordination of all the critical areas in their life. That trusted advisor gets the attorney, the banker, the stock broker, and the insurance agent all sitting at a table collaborating on their behalf.

But what about the rest of us?

For most individuals and families seeking advice on their financial, tax, insurance, investments, or legal needs, they are forced to meet with different professionals. Those professionals operate in silos and they don’t sit at the table collaborating on your behalf. In many cases each of those professionals are just trying to sell their individual products and services.

The end result is that you have a lot of pieces of the puzzle (investments, insurance policies, tax services, maybe even a will or trust), but no picture on the front of the box to show how they all come together.

At SMG Insurance and Wealth Management, we’re a little different from any other firm you’ve probably worked with in the past. Our holistic planning process ensures all of these areas are coordinated and working together.