Retirement Planning

Bringing holistic retirement planning services to individuals and business owners at or near retirement.

The road to retirement can be a rough ride with a lot of ups and downs. Proper retirement planning is critical to reaching your destination and securing a well-coordinated retirement.

Retirement brings on many complex issues such as planning for Social Security benefits, retiree specific tax planning, making the correct decision on Medicare and other health insurance, and making sure we combat the risk of running out of money too soon.

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SMG Holistic Plan

What makes us different…

A better way to protect your money and your future.

No two retirements are the same, we are all unique and should have a customized retirement plan that fits you, not a cookie cutter plan or someone putting you in the same 60/40 plan they have everyone else in. The old adage of taking out 4% may not work that well either, especially if the markets are going down and at the same time you need to take an income or pay for a long-term care stay.

SMG is committed to helping you understand all your options and make informed decisions which will provide confidence throughout your retirement. No one size fits all plans here.

Try our Holistic planning process, it’s a better way to protect your money and your future.

At SMG, we utilize the Bucket Plan as part of our holistic retirement planning process to:

  1. Time-segment your investments to achieve immediate, short
    and long term goals
  2. Create reliable income streams through retirement
  3. Deliver a retirement plan you can actually understand
the bucket plan 3 buckets

Plan More. Worry Less.