Working together to achieve your goals

Whether you are looking to maximize your income or protect your nest egg for you and your loved ones, SMG Financial can deliver a portfolio designed to help you achieve your goals.

Working with our investment advisors and going through the Bucket Plan holistic planning process, we will educate you on the benefits and tradeoffs of each type of strategy to ensure that you are invested in a strategy that aligns with your best interest and investment objectives.  Our education process is the cornerstone of our fiduciary commitment to deliver investment advice that ensures your needs are placed above all else.

What makes us different…

A better way to protect your money and your future. No two retirements are the same, we are all unique and should have a customized retirement plan that fits you, not a cookie cutter plan or someone putting you in the same 60/40 plan they have everyone else in. The old adage of taking out 4% may not work that well either, especially if the markets are going down and at the same time you need to take an income or pay for a long-term care stay.

SMG is committed to helping you understand all your options and make informed decisions which will provide confidence throughout your retirement. No one size fits all plans here.

Try our Holistic planning process, it’s a better way to protect your money and your future.

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