Holistic Planning Process

At SMG, we’re a little different from any other firm you’ve probably talked to in the past. Our holistic planning process ensures all of these areas are coordinated and working together.

SMG Holistic Plan

For all new clients, we engage in a 4-Step process to build your holistic plan:



Where You Are Now

About You
Your Goals & Objectives
Your Current Finances & Taxes
Your Priorities
Our Services
The Process



Where You Want To Go

Organizing Your Financial Life
Understanding Your Net Worth
Assessing Your Cash Flow
Tax Return Review
Analyzing Your Risk
Developing Your Plan



Your Holistic Plan

Finalize Your Customized Bucket Plan
Align Investments with Your Market Volatility Tolerance
Optimize Your Cash Flow
Provide Solutions
Transition Plan & Implementation



Service and Support

Active Plan Management
Ongoing Advice
Tax & Wealth Management
Proactive Communication & Education
Plan Update Meetings


Check out our video to learn more about the value of a holistic advisor: