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Bringing clarity to important retirement decisions.

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At SMG we take pride in being independent and a fiduciary.  We are committed to providing fair and full disclosure of all material facts and act solely in the best interest of our clients.  SMG believes in the value of holistic planning.  Instead of looking at your financial needs individually, holistic planning focuses on all aspects of financial planning. Investments, insurance, estate planning, social security, Medicare, and taxes as a whole.

How We Do It…

Holistic Planning with Customized, Balanced, Fee-Based Advice

Holistic Planning combines investment advising, insurance planning, retirement planning, and tax management all under one roof.

When you partner with SMG, you get a team of holistic planners and insurance advisors who educate and collaborate with you to design a plan that reflects your unique situation.

About Us

SafeHarbor Management Group (SMG) is a full service Insurance and Wealth Management firm dedicated to providing Holistic planning in the areas of pre-retirement and post retirement. We are located in Portage, MI and also have an office in Bonita Springs Florida. We serve clients all over the United States by offering virtual meetings.

Our reason for becoming financial professionals are deeply personal.  We saw folks in retirement struggling to maintain their life styles, taking on too much risk in their portfolio, not knowing how Medicare, Social Security and taxes work.  The financial planning you do in your working years simply won’t work during your retirement years, that’s why SMG specializes in a Holistic approach to post retirement.

Our staff has a combined experience of over 75 years in the financial services industry.We have found that a team approach can be effective method to help clients who have a wide variety of needs as they navigate through the complex financial- services world.

SMG Team

Had an opportunity to join the West Bay Academy with Joe presenting. What an excellent job. Very informative, very valuable - and very entertaining! Really nice guy! Really appreciate him sharing his extensive knowledge. Glad I had a chance to meet him.

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